DJ Equpiment

Sound Equipment

DJ Sound uses only high quality professional grade sound system components to ensure crystal clear sound and always played at a comfortable volume.

Look below for a listing and description of the professional equipment that Stacy uses.

Quality of equipment DOES matter. Honestly, it does not take much now-a-days for someone to start in the DJ business. Someone can go down to the local Radio Shack, plop down a couple thousand dollars on what they refer to as "DJ equipment," and think that they are ready to go. But are they really? And what is the overall quality of that event going to be?

If so, then you have witnessed first hand the negative effects of cheaper equipment. DJ Sound has invested heavily into only high-quality, professional grade equipment in order to avoid all of these adverse situations and to treat his clients to high quality sound. It DOES make a difference!

Perhaps one of the best ways to sum this up is in the comments Stacy recently received from the bartender and wait staff from a large facility in Cornwall where they hold dozens of events every week. He said, "Man! That is the best sounding DJ system I've ever heard! And I hear lots of them week in and week out. That sounded awesome! You didn't blast us out, but you filled the room with music like I've never heard before. That's incredible stuff!"

Another way to think about this is thinking about the difference between watching an action movie on TV, just using the TV's built-in speakers, vs. playing that same movie through a high fidelity surround sound system with subwoofers, and multiple speakers. Same movie, but VERY different experiences as you watch the movie. High quality audio DOES make a difference -- in the movie theaters as well as at your event.

While it's difficult to demonstrate that through the Internet, what we can show you is a list of the equipment that DJ Sound uses. What you will see, if you do your research, is that DJ Sound simply does not cut corners and has invested in some of the very best equipment available... all so that YOU can be treated to an incredible audio atmosphere -- high quality sound always played at the right volume. Take a look:

Lighting Equipment

Lighting creates the atmosphere!

The right lighting effects can add just the right spark to your event.

I know what you might be thinking, "But Stacy we don't want our wedding reception to look like some cheesy scene from Saturday Night Fever…"

We absolutely agree! That is why we carefully select high-tech professional effects that create a tasteful and first class atmosphere. No goofy lava lamps or tacky "stop light" effects you might find in the novelty stores or the homemade flood lights on a table. The effects we use are the same types of effects that you would likely find in nightclubs.

Soft, warm lighting helps create a perfectly romantic atmosphere for slow dances

Sophisticated lighting that adds to the elegant atmosphere

…while other Hi-Tech lighting effects add a fantastic visual jolt of energy during fast-dancing songs; lights sweeping across the dance floor to the beat of the music, creating a visual energy that is perfectly matched for the atmosphere you prefer.

The lighting DOES make the atmosphere!

Perfect blend of lighting effects helps enhance the atmosphere YOU desire.

So what are the options?